The digital native workplace

We are quantifying productivity and wellbeing with objective data.

OA creates the ultimate workplace experience for your talents to be more productive.

The first digital native workplace platform

Your employees' perception of comfort combined with objective IoT data creates the perfect work experience and wellbeing at the OA workplace.

OA is integrating with your business applications to learn the employees' individual choices and feedback. We are anonymizing the data and are visualizing the business insights.

The AI-powered OA automation connected to your building management systems is the software upgrade for your office environment, adding the individualized human-centric preferences, productivity acceleration and environmental friendliness.

With us, you are the owner of your private data. Our software is designed with the highest security, privacy, and regulatory compliance requirements and is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) conform.



Quantify the productivity of your teams.
Know when and what affects their performance.


Understand the root-causes of productivity drop.
Get recommendations and make informed decisions.


Automate and personalize the workplace environment.
Your teams perform better with quantifiable improvement.


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